About West Chester Medical Staffing

medical staffing consultants

Medical staffing consultants provide services to match healthcare professionals with providers that will best fit the individual needs of both parties. West Chester Medical Staffing is a boutique experience, providing one-on-one attention to our unique blend of professionals and health care providers. Our team of medical staffing consultants bring to your search not only a thorough understanding of medical specialties, but a thorough knowledge of the business side of health care as well. We specialize in the placement of medical assistants, physicians, and nurse practitioners to the health care location that works best for them. The factors that we consider include but are not limited to:

Candidate skills

Candidate interests and motivations

Candidate availability

Candidate preferences

Type of practice (single, specialty group, multi-specialty group)

What makes West Chester Medical Staffing different?

Unlike other physician search firms, we accept only a few searches at a time. We learn about our providers, considering the factors above. Our provider-centric approach allows the physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner to design the situation, community and lifestyle they are most interested in pursuing.

What to expect from a West Chester experience

After submitting your resume or CV and filling out our application, the experience will begin with a lengthy discovery session with each candidate. Then your consultant will identify opportunities that specifically match your requests and confidentially market your interest and availability.  You will direct each search.  Never will your CV or interest ever be shared without your clearly expressed approval. In addition to providing healthcare position opportunities for you, we can also provide facilitation through the physician contract negotiation process. A contract negotiation meeting requires preparation. The human resources professionals at a potential employer will have specialized knowledge and terminology. It can make a big difference having professional consultants at hand to educate you and prepare for a proper contract that meets your needs. Our role as a physician search firm is to provide the best employment opportunity to medical professionals. We do not just hand you a list of options. We go through each one, recognizing all perceived needs and guaranteeing that you are satisfied. The experience can also extend to include contract negotiations.

We also work with the provider side of things to find an appropriate set of staff members.  We understand that there are multiple sets of challenges that can come with staffing a practice. These can include practice start-up and physician burnout challenges.

Our Services:

Consultant session with candidates (specializing in physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners)

Physician contract negotiation facilitation

Physician coaching

Help with practice start-ups

Service Availability

Just as you are available to your patients whenever you are needed, so are we.  At West Chester Medical Staffing we are available to you after your busy day, evenings and weekends to discuss your situation in strictest confidence when you are most able to talk freely. For more information about our medical staffing consulting services and process, contact us at our West Chester, OH office.

How we work

Submit Your Resume/CV

First, you complete a short application and submit your resume or CV to our agency.

Speak With a Consultant

Second, we work with you to discover your interests and desires and help you find the best placement for you.

Find Your Dream Job

Lastly, we search our network to find you the best placement for your skills and abilities!