Methods for Finding a P.A. Job: Pros and Cons

If you are on the look-out for a physician assistant (P.A.) job, consider the following job search methods. With each method, there are multiple pros and cons to consider.

Pros and Cons of Job Search Methods

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Apply for jobs before graduating school or as early as possible.

Pros: There is no harm with applying early. If you are still completing your educational program, it can be useful to get an early start and apply a few months before graduation. Cons: It may be fruitless to apply too early. Some employers may turn you away and request that you reapply closer to graduation. The final steps of certification can make a big difference in your

Follow the advice that applies to any job search, including online and in-person networking.

Pros: It is a common misconception that networking is ineffective for medical jobs. At the end of the day, the other physician assistant applicants are going to have the same necessary credentials and licensing. What can make you stand out is personalizing your resume for each specific job application and writing personalize thank you notes after an interview. You can also get involved on LinkedIn. Cons:When it comes to a medical job like a P.A. position, numbers and credentials do play a large role. An education at a well-respected and P.A. program can help boost your chances of finding a job.

Utilize resources like the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) job search.

Pros: Can be organized by date listed, location, and career level. Available positions are posted regularly, and the AAPA is established as a reliable and well-known organization. Cons:Although the search can be organized by categories, the search is not very personalized. There are thousands of other physician assistants using this resource, so the competition is heavy.

Sign up online for recruiter listservs.

Pros: The recruiter listservs are often done on a national level, showing job opportunities all over the country. If you are open to changing locations, this may not be an issue. It may even be a good resource for finding jobs outside your immediate area. Cons:Unfortunately, recruiters can be overwhelming and may send you job opportunities that are not for you. Because the recruiters often show job openings all over the country, it can create a challenge. It is useful to do in-depth research on the average P.A. salaries in a specific area.

Personalized Job Search Option

If you want a more personalized search, West Chester Medical Staffing may be able to help you. Unlike most medical staffing agencies, West Chester aims to get to know each medical professional on a personal level, keeping track of an individual’s skills and career goals. We provide a “boutique” experience. Medical staffing agencies create a two-way relationship in the job search, as opposed to job recruiters. Often, job recruiters are only looking at your “on paper” qualifications, such as education level, clinical experience, and licensing. But we acknowledge that a physician assistant has individual goals and expectations about workplace culture and more. Contact us at our West Chester, OH office or submit your resume and CV online.

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