Physician Contract Negotiation

Negotiating a contract is often a nerve-racking experience. The healthcare industry is no different. As a physician, you have to be on call, work difficult hours, deal with massive amounts of administrative paperwork and face the inherent risk of malpractice lawsuits. With all these considerations in mind, you want to make sure you are being adequately compensated for the services you provide. You want to be ready to clearly express your needs and expectations with a future employer when going into a contract negotiation. Here are some ways to help you prepare for physician contract negotiation.

Contract Negotiation Tips

  • Be Prepared for the Negotiation- Making sure you know what is in the contract document going into the meeting is important. Know what the employer is responsible for and know what you the employee are expected to fulfill. The employer’s human resource department is going to be well educated in the terminology and structure on contract agreements. You want to make sure you are educated in the vocabulary of contracts as well so you can express your needs and expectations with clarity.
  • Know What Areas to Negotiate In- Items in physician compensation packages typically include base salary, incentives or bonuses, paid time off, benefits(medical, dental, retirement), partnership, etc. When negotiatingphysician contract agreement the terms of compensation in a physician contract, it is important to remember that benefits(health, dental, retirement) are usually already structured. Employers usually try to keep the benefit structure the same and are reluctant to negotiate in this area.  Employers are more susceptible to negotiating base salary or paid time off with potential employees.
  • Weigh Responsibilities with Compensation- Physicians are required to fill a number of responsibilities, whether at a hospital or private practice. Making sure you understand the required work shifts, on call hours, patient workload and paperwork associated with the job
  • are important. Once you determine how much of your week will be filled with work-related responsibilities, then you can decide whether the compensation offered balances out the restraints on your time.
  • Hire an Attorney- Make sure that you get an attorney who is experienced in physician contract agreements look over the terms of the contract. This is to make sure you are not getting yourself into something you can’t get out of until the contract expires.

Facilitating the Negotiation Process

West Chester Medical Staffing provides communication facilitation and negotiation services for physician contract negotiations across the nation. We will work with you and the employer to determine whether the position is the right fit for you and your family. We can help prepare you for contract agreement meetings, and help make sure that your needs are met. For more information about our medical staffing services, contact us at our West Chester, OH office.