Top 3 Healthcare Jobs for 2015

Whether you are new to the healthcare job market or looking for a change in employment as a doctor, physician, physician assistant, etc., there are plenty of opportunities in the industry at present. According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the growing demands for primary healthcare services will continue to grow in the New Year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that healthcare and its related industries will be adding the most number of new jobs from 2012 and for the next seven years until 2022. 

 Why the job growth?

There are many reasons being given for the positive growth of the industry. One of the major reasons is that US citizens are getting access to better insurance with the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) and health providers in the industry are adding staff to meet the growing demands.


A report by CareerCast also reveals a list of the top 10 healthcare jobs that have the biggest scope for growth. Here is a look at the jobs that have the highest projected scope of growth in the next seven years, besides offering some of the highest salaries.


Top 3 heatlhcare jobs in terms of expected growth


1. Physical therapist


A physical therapist typically earns an average annual salary of about $79,860. The projected job growth for the profession at 36 percent by 2022 is also the highest among others in the industry. The job of a physical therapist entails diagnosing and treating individuals of all ages. They may work in hospitals, schools, private practices, fitness facilities, home healthcare agencies and elsewhere.


2. Audiologist


Audiologists earn an annual average salary of $69,720 and there is expected to be a growth of around 34 percent in the number of jobs available in the field up to 2022. Professionals in the field use advanced technologies to diagnose hearing and balance problems in patients and help to treat them. Most audiologists work in hospitals, audiology clinics, physician’s offices and other healthcare facilities. Some may work in schools or even travel between healthcare facilities. Practitioners will need a professional or doctoral degree.


3. Dental hygienist


Dental hygienists earn an average salary of $70,210 each year. The profession is expected to grow by 33 percent in the next seven years. Dental hygienists clean teeth, examine signs of oral diseases and provide dental care to prevent potential problems. They also educate patients on improving and maintaining the best oral health. An associate’s degree is required to practice as a dental hygienist.


According to the CareerCast report, other top jobs in healthcare include that of a dietician, medical lab technician, medical technologist, pharmacist, podiatrist, pharmacist etc. Despite many of these jobs requiring at least a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, the hiring continues to be above average.

Bringing healthcare professionals together.

Expected job growth is promising in these healthcare industry jobs.  Medical professionals have a great opportunities ahead. West Chester Medical Staffing can help you take advantage of these opportunities. We can provide medical staffing services for practices and hospitals, and help with placing medical professionals who are looking for positions in the right situation. We can help you find the right person for the job or find you the healthcare job you have been looking for. For more information about our services contact us.

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