Can Board Certification Help Physician Job Placement?

Depending on your field or specialty, there are specific medical boards you can turn to for certification. Normally, certification requires you to achieve certain set requirements and for some, pass a certifying examination. But just how important is board certification? Can it help physicians get the job placement they are looking for? Does it have any benefit for you, your career and most importantly your future patients? You can be sure it does.

Qualified Physicians

Various research studies have drawn a strong connection between board certification and an increased quality in the level of medical care provided to patients. Medical professionals who are certified tend to be better at their jobs. Whether this is because of the high expectations placed upon them or personal confidence, it is not clear. What is most important is that patients get to receive better and higher quality medical care. This is what healthcare facilities are looking for when they hire physicians.

Board Certification and Getting Hired

Hospitals and medical practices across the country are looking for the best doctor for the job. Board certification shows employers that you are a leader in your field of medicine. Some healthcare facilities even mandate board certification for physician hires. Insurance companies often incentivize having board certified physicians on staff, placing further pressure on medical employers to search out board certified potential hires. Medical staffing companies are prioritizing board certified physicians in their hiring procedures, because of the demand from hospitals. But why are healthcare employers looking for board certified physicians?

Patient Confidence and Trust

An overwhelming majority of people perceive board certification to be important for doctors. 91% of the public, according to one study, considers board certification to be a very important factor in choosing a doctor. Basically, they are more likely to develop trust and confidence in a doctor who is board certified. Psychologically, this creates a positive attitude towards treatment. Patients with a positive attitude tend to heal more quickly. For doctors with their own practices, trust and confidence in you by your patients means good business.

Professional Growth and Development

Several certifying boards require their members to undertake continuing education to add to their skills and experience. Without this push towards further education, you may not feel the need to do it. Board certification therefore, creates an opportunity to continue learning and in the process, develop your career. The result of this is increased credibility among the community you serve in. This leads to even more trust and confidence from your employer and patients.

Community of Skilled Physicians

By becoming certified you essentially become a member of that specific board together with other certified professionals. Together, you form a community that you can tap into for ideas, resources and solutions to challenging problems. This helps benefit the healthcare industry in general, and also the patients you are serving.

Board certification is becoming the norm and is even sometimes considered a barrier to entry into job placement as a physician. At West Chester Medical Staffing we provide physician consulting services and medical staffing services to physicians and healthcare employers alike. It is our job to bring the right people together in the healthcare industry. Board certification plays a vital role in our staffing procedures, and we can assure you the benefits are great from becoming a board certified physician. For more information about our services, contact us at our West Chester, OH office.

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