Why the growing demand for primary care physicians?

There are many reasons that becoming a primary care physician may not look as attractive as some of the specialist physician positions out there. However, with the new healthcare system being put into motion, primary care providers are expected to act as the cornerstone for supporting healthcare being provided by the national healthcare system.

Primary Care Physician Job Challenges

Although, current primary care providers are finding it hard to continue providing the same healthcare they have for years. National healthcare brings along with it more red tape, rules and requirements that are mandated by the government in the new healthcare system. Instead of treating, educating and comforting patients, they are having to spend their time doing administrative tasks that are required by the healthcare industry and insurance companies. Primary care physicians find themselves spending more time with paperwork and on the computer than treating patients. Converting their practice over to electronic health records and meeting mandates is driving expenses up and revenues down, as the time they have for patients is dwindling. It is becoming hard for primary care physicians to provide the personal healthcare they are dedicated to delivering.

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times by Sandy Banks about primary care providers, around 20% of U.S. medical students are going into primary care positions. Instead medical students are focusing on positions such as specialist physicians or surgeons, who tend to have less demands and more revenue.

The Need for Primary Care Jobs Increasing

The need for primary healthcare providers becomes more necessary to fulfill the needs of the millions of people introduced to this new healthcare system. As the national healthcare system becomes more dependent on primary care physicians, it is made clear of the issues that may come to be. According to Banks’ article in the LA Times, a recent study indicates that only 16 of California’s 58 counties have enough primary care physicians to meet the medical needs of the residents.

How can medical staffing help?

Primary care physicians among other healthcare positions will be needed around the country to meet the demands of the national healthcare system. Hopefully future improvements in administrative and compliance regulations will allow physicians to provide the healthcare services the nation needs. West Chester Medical Staffing can help place you in the position that best fits your desires. We can also find your practice or hospital the healthcare professional that is right for the job. For more information about our medical staffing services, contact us and schedule a consultation.

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