5 Must-Haves for Your Medical Practice Startup

Amid turbulence in the state of healthcare, it has never been as vital for medical practitioners to understand that the table upon which to actually start a practice is trickier than ever. The concept of including a sharp business acumen when constructing a plan is especially relevant in an era when notions of “credit comfort” and “medical entitlement” are white-hot topics.

You already know that this is a major investment. The first thing is to understand the scope of what you are going to construct.

Tips for Medical Practice Startup

Business Plan- You will need a business plan, and this is where begins all the careful treading and negotiating with lenders.

Location- Where will you place your practice? This is where demographics come into play. However, what if yours is a specialist practice, or one offering cosmetic surgery? Determine the response that a district or neighborhood will likely provide before you start calling commercial real estate agents. Will your family be happy in the area?

Prepare the Office- Once the site has been allocated, the next important consideration is to prepare it. Builders and contractors will need to make it “practice ready”. Ensure that your property and all its attendant wiring meet not only with national or state standards, but also with any town council ordinances.

Administration and Legal Considerations- Fine-tuning the infrastructure is only the beginning of preparing your practice. You want to see patients on your first day. Your most critical concern now is to ensure credentialing. From here, you can start thinking about all the varieties of insurance you will need (medical malpractice, office, workers’ compensation, etc). Also, check how to comply with your region’s standards for managing medical records; you don’t want penalties.Check out your best options for medical billing, as well as whether you can source your equipment at a discount. It will be crucial to have someone handling your marketing, so get that public relations guru to let the area know that you are the best because you have the best people.

Hiring the Right Medical Staff- Yes, your people will make your practice. Set up a good H.R. department and take the time to find quality staff. Having the right people for the job is essential in a medical practice. Nurse practitioners, physicians and other healthcare professionals have to be the right fit for a practice. If medical professionals are hired and leave because it is not a good fit, it can cripple a practice.

Medical staffing support for the practice startup

West Chester Medical Staffing provides medical staffing services and physician consulting to physicians starting a medical practice. Let us help you get your practice on its feet with the right people. We can help staff your practice with individuals that can help you accomplish the goals of your new practice. For more information or to talk with a physician consultant, contact us.

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